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Sad Shayari in English:- Hello friends, my name is Sangit Kumar, and today we have brought for you an excellent and emotional article in which we are going to talk to you about sadness and the negative impact it has on our lives due to being sad.

You will also see some of the best Sad Shayari quotes and statuses related to sadness, which you can use in your daily life and enjoy very easily. You will also learn about some useful questions related to sadness and their answers. In.

Sadness is a word that expresses a person’s sadness, lack of hope, or tension. It means that when a person is sad or depressed, their inner state experiences sadness and loneliness.

Times of sadness also come when a person faces failure or adversity in his life. In this situation, the person feels that everything is useless and that there is no purpose in his life. Sad Shayari: At times of sadness, a person’s mood disappears, and he feels that nothing is important in life.

To overcome sadness, a person should find a purpose or goal in his life, as well as try to maintain morale. Sensitive and understanding friendship can also help a person out of sadness.

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Take advantage of every opportunity in life.
But don’t trust anyone.

We had heard stories about separation.
When I tried it on myself, I realized the reality.

Now don’t bother me with this life; let us live too.
I swear to you, we are now defeated from all sides.

Now I have no words to express my heartache.
I just wish someone would understand and embrace me.

There was a time when you were the only reason for my smile.
And today is the time when you became the reason for my crying.

Fate did such a cruel thing to us.
At the age of having hobbies, we learned patience.

This life is playing with me.
The reason is that we do not accept defeat.

Everyone is angry with my behavior.
But no one is aware of my situation.

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Sad Shayari In English

We felt that while floating in the water.
Emptiness attracts us, not depth.
Then we came to know that emptiness is the most dangerous thing.

Now we have stopped considering everyone as good.
Because every person whom I trusted broke my trust.

Play your role on the stage of life with so much passion.
The applause continued even after the curtain fell.

I thought I would tell you all my pain
But you didn’t even ask this.
Why are you silent?

Who doesn’t have time for you?
Never be sad for him.
Because he is busy in his world.
And he doesn’t need you in that world.

Think a lot about getting angry with your loved ones and friends.
Nowadays, the tradition of celebrating has almost ended.

It is better than being forced to be a part of someone’s life.
Take control of yourself and go far away from his world.

This world has changed, and people have changed in this changed world.
Now no one remembers our good things, and no one forgets our bad things.

That God also has strange justice.
She was the one who made others laugh the most.
Fate has made him cry the most.

I have lost you now, O life.
You better account for me now.

Sad Shayari in English

Don’t consider my loneliness to be my hobby.
Because someone close to me had given it as a gift very lovingly.

Now even my enemies have left me alone to say this.
You have enough of your own to make you cry.

Love is never false.
There are lies, oaths, promises, and people.

Now we have no hope in this life.
Just let whatever is going on go on as it is.

Life has given us some wounds that we can never heal.
We have learned the skill of hiding those wounds.

If we had to destroy it, we would have done it in some other way.
Why did you snatch away my life after becoming my life?

Everyone sees a smile on my face.
But only a few people can see the pain behind this smile.

When I went through the reality of life, I realized one thing.
Who became special to whom here without any meaning?

I feel like writing every emotion with my pen.
But then I wonder: who will understand what I say?

An emptiness is screaming inside me.
As if the ocean of my eyes is ready to flow.
It is difficult to explain whether I am happy or sad.
I am silent as if nothing is left inside now.

Why does this life make one cry after giving happiness for a few moments?
Why do we often get this fate from those who are not in our destiny?

The reality of life is that someone may exceed their limits.
By giving importance, we are rejected everywhere.

When we were innocent, we used to enjoy life.
Now that we have become wise, this life is enjoying us.

We could not find you, even after wanting to for so long.
And someone made you his own after performing a few rituals.

You rack your brain and count my mistakes.
Sometimes put your hand on your heart and ask whose fault it was.

I had asked for a little light in life.
But the fans set the fire on fire.

I loved you when you had no one but you.
You left me at a time when I had no one else but you.

We had ever crossed all the limits of the world for someone.
Today, he taught us to live within our limits.

Sad Shayari in English Language

Never hurt the person who loves you with all their heart.
Otherwise, a day will come when everyone has a heart but does not have a lover from the heart.

Someone had rightly told us that that person would never understand your value.
For which you are always present.

They are happy by not remembering us, and they are laughing by not talking to us.
May this smile never go from their lips; may God smile even on our deaths.

Pray that whoever you love gets it.
Because this incomplete love makes one cry a lot.

I loved you when you had no one but you.
You left me at a time when I had no one else but you.

We had ever crossed all the limits of the world for someone.
Today, he taught us to live within our limits.

Never hurt the person who loves you with all their heart.
Otherwise, a day will come when everyone has a heart but no one loves from the heart!!

It was not his fault; perhaps we misunderstood.
He used to talk pitifully, and we were the ones who mistook it for love.

Oh God, don’t let me become a burden on anyone’s heart.
Whoever wants to stay away from me, keep me away from him first.

I wish we had someone who would hug us and ask us.
Why are you so sad these days?

Apart from me, there are many people in his life.
Now, what difference will it make to him whether I stay or not?

Now we have stopped even asking you to talk to me.
When my crying doesn’t make any difference to you, then what difference will it make if I am there or not?

Yes, my dream has been broken, so what if it has given me a wound? What if the rose?
In an attempt to forget him, I have started drinking a little alcohol.

We pray that you are happy staying away from us.
Your happiness never diminishes.

It seems like this evening makes us sad every day.
Someone is slowly forgetting us.

Sad Shayari

Forgetting the whole world, I only loved her.
Maybe that’s why he also forgot me.

Be it the intoxication of love or alcohol, one loses consciousness in both.
But the only difference is that alcohol makes one sleep, and love makes one cry.

This heart of ours is broken; now what should we ask? We had done it ourselves.
If you like it, then why make a fuss?

You stay away from us but remain happy.
Talk to whoever you feel like.
What about us? We were alone yesterday and are alone today too.

Who today sees thousands of shortcomings in me?
He once said that whatever you are, you are mine alone.

I wanted it a lot but couldn’t get it.
I couldn’t bring anyone else into my thoughts.
We wiped our tears after seeing him.
But I couldn’t smile at anyone else.

You are leaving my hand now.
But one day, you will learn to hold on to this hand.

There was no sympathy and no pain.
Suddenly, I found a sympathizer, and from him, I found every pain.

Someone just thought and told us that.
That person will never understand your value.
For which you are always present.

He is happy not remembering us.
They are laughing by not talking to us.
May this smile never leave his lips.
May God smile even at our deaths.

If you ever get time, please think about it.
What did we ask from you except time and love?
You made us cry like this.

After all, you made me “feel.”.
I am nothing to you.

I had wished to get every happiness.
But every heart is close to its destination.
What should one do when the person himself is unlucky?

We did not sleep the whole night, and we woke up at night and cried.
Just tell me my faults once, even after loving me so much.
Why didn’t we become his?

There is a lot of pain in this heart but now I have no complaints with anyone.
We are crying in whose memories they are smiling in someone’s words.

Alone Sad Shayari in English

My life got more hopeful with your arrival.
Now that too has broken. We had the habit of loyalty, but perhaps now that too has been broken.

That person turned out to be a liar.
Who used to tell me every moment that we would be together for the rest of our lives?

We feel very sad now, thinking that we remembered him the whole day.
Who doesn’t remember us, even for a moment?

Even if someone smiles after getting hit by an arrow in the chest,
The aim is good, but it is useless.

People remained waiting for us.
To see us drowning.
And while we were enduring the pain, we turned into stones.

We have learned to live alone.
Even if you are, you will never be happy.
This heart still tolerates your distance.
But perhaps we will not be able to live without your love.

After all, you made me “feel.”.
I am nothing to you.

We did not sleep the whole night and we woke up at night and cried.
Just tell me my fault once.
Why didn’t we become his even after loving him so much?

Well, nothing.
But whatever is right.

There is a lot of pain in my heart, but now I have no complaints from anyone.
In whose memories we are crying.
He is smiling while talking to someone.

My life got more hopeful with your arrival.
Now that habit of loyalty has also been broken.
But perhaps now she too has been left out.

That person turned out to be a liar.
Who used to tell me every moment that we would be together for the rest of our lives?

We pleaded a lot in front of you; no more.
Congratulations to you as your partner and to me as my incomplete love.

It hurts a lot when I lose my life.
I’ll see it with someone else.

Hey, we too were the Nawab of Nawabs once upon a time.
I became a beggar for the sake of a friend.

Now I don’t have to prove anything to you.
Now the answer to all your questions is this:
Yes, I am wrong, and you are right.
It is very difficult to be away from that person.
We have prayed day and night to get it.

It makes us very sad to think about that now.
We remember him all day long.
Who doesn’t remember us, even for a moment?

Even if someone smiles after getting hit by an arrow in the chest,
The aim is good, but it is useless.

The moisture in my eyes is like your memories.
Now, when I laugh, your absence makes me cry.

Why do you embarrass me by asking about my condition every day?
The condition is the same as what you have created for me.

Heart Touching Sad Shayari

We have learned to live alone.
Even if you are, you will never be happy.
This heart still tolerates your distance.
But we probably won’t be able to live without your love.

Half a dream, half love, half worship—it is mine, but not mine.
How is it that, in this world, while keeping everyone happy, we have forgotten to live ourselves?

This means that this is the custom of the world.
Whoever you want to break will break it.

Sorry, I don’t want your love.
Give me back my smiling heart.

No one can win over a woman in love.
And no one can defeat a woman in hating.

Nothing is lost for the one who breaks his heart.
But the one whose heart is broken loses everything.

When someone’s words become small with you.
So understand that they are getting taller somewhere else.

During this changing time, I changed my destiny.
And life gave me so much pain.
Changed the picture of the smiling face.

Life has never made me cry.
We were made to cry by those people whom we considered our lives.

Who has seen the pain in my heart? Only God has seen me suffer.
We cry sitting alone in loneliness, but people have seen us laughing in gatherings.

If tears come out, wipe them yourself.
Because even if people come to ask, we will make a deal.

Neither is anyone’s support nor is anyone’s support.
Neither we belong to anyone nor anyone belongs to us.

Heart Touching Sad Shayari in English

I don’t know when this life will end.
There is so much sorrow in life.
I don’t feel like living anymore.

When our people behave like strangers.
Then what about our own, and what about someone else’s?

A piece of glass is breaking, saying this.
Some stones had promised to protect him.

My heart also hurts like an arrow.
But still, I am silent, like my fate.

When destiny itself wrote with the pen of suffering.
Then why can God blame anyone?

What if a person who talks a lot suddenly becomes silent?
Understand that the wound is very deep in the heart.

I don’t know how we feel about this era.
You don’t even get a damn reason to smile.

Some moments like this come to life.
When a person is completely broken from the inside
At that moment, the pain is neither tolerated nor told to anyone.

When your importance in the relationship has ended.
It is better to leave it quiet.

Happiness remained only after shaking hands with us.
But sorrow embraced us.

Sometimes he compromised, and sometimes he killed his desires by laughing.
While trying to save our relationships, we lost ourselves.

We are tired of trying to save our relationship.
Now we are fine alone.

We have been shattered like broken glass.
To avoid hurting anyone, we stay away from everyone.

Short Sad Shayari In English

Many mistakes have been made in life.
But the mistake was made in identifying people.
His regret is the biggest.

Only we know our story; we know our wasted youth.
Everyone knows that we are alive, but only we know how we are alive.

It doesn’t matter to anyone.
What conditions are you living in?
You have to change your circumstances yourself.

I don’t know at what point my life has stopped.
Even if I say something, it is wrong, and if I don’t say anything, it is wrong.

In life, take as much torture as you want.
Which world do I want to come to again?

Someone rightly said that it is better to remain a stranger in this world.
Everyone causes a lot of trouble by pretending to be their own.

Whatever we got in life, we all turned out to be players.
Some played with heart, and some played with life.

Time has shown us the reality of everything.
Otherwise, we were those who considered everyone as our own.

We considered such people to be our own.
Those who also have a mind in their hearts.

While leaving, he proudly said that he would meet many like you.
Then I also asked him, smilingly, why he wanted someone like me.

The closeness was very beautiful.
The distance between us was going to be fatal.

We had a lot of trust in someone, in this heart for someone.
The love was immeasurable, but the one who talked about his loyalty was a sex traitor.

Everyone says that crying makes a person weak; they are wrong.
Little do they know that only the broken man becomes the strongest by crying.

This is a selfish era, sir; don’t get into anyone’s habit.
We never know who will leave us.

I am not a stone; there is moisture in me too.
Pain cannot be expressed; there is only this little thing missing.

Now I have stopped telling everyone that I, too, have a heart.
I don’t have anyone to understand my feelings.

Why do I think that someone will feel bad?
Why doesn’t anyone think that I also feel bad?

The good have known me as good, and the bad have known me as bad.
The person recognized me according to his thoughts.

I wish I had someone who would tell me not to cry.
Your crying hurts me too.

Sad Shayari in English for Love

Some have sweet words, and some have bad intentions.
Sir, this world is round; everyone has double roles here.

A small mistake can keep everyone happy.
Taught us how to live life.
He told me in a moment who was his and who was a stranger.

The way I loved you.
If someone else wants to, forget me.

You never know when a person changes.
And we keep wondering where we made the mistake.

No matter how much pain the heart is in,
But the one who gives trouble always remains in the heart.

We lost ourselves before we could find our loved ones.
People say we smile a lot
How do they know that we are tired of hiding our pain?

If we have committed a crime, then we too will be ruined.
We will also be the reason for this destruction of ours.
No one has the right to decide my life.
We will conduct the hearing, and we will also be the witnesses.

Emotional Sad Shayari English

We pleaded a lot in front of you; no more.
Congratulations to you as your partner and to me as my incomplete love.

This life indeed makes him cry.
There is no one to wipe his tears.

Now your name is enough.
To hurt my heart.

A man’s silence is enough.
To show that he is broken from within.

Now I don’t have to prove anything to you.
Now the answer to all your questions is this:
Yes, I am wrong, and you are right.
It is very difficult to be away from that person.
We have prayed day and night to get it.

Be it love or a bird,
Leave both of them free.
If he returns, it’s yours.
And if he does not return,
He was never yours.

There are some relationships these days.
Going that way.
Neither is leaving us.
And neither are they able to get along.

There are no complaints about life.
That is not with you.
Just stay happy, friend.
It doesn’t matter to you.

I won’t do it now.
Any questions you have?
He started claiming a lot of rights over you.
Sorry friend.

My loneliness is strange.
Neither am happy.
Nor am I sad.
I am just free.
And I am silent.

An age has passed.
Wanting you.
You are still unaware.
Like yesterday.

Whoever said it.
It is true.
Peace comes only after death.

Only a wound had to be given.
So my entire body was in your hands.
But you damn thing.
Every attack was made on the heart only.

We thought.
I will tell you my heartache.
But you didn’t even ask that much.
Why are you silent?

Sad Shayari in English for Life

I wanted to stay with you.
But this time, we did not allow it to happen.
Sometimes remain silent in the silence of time.
Sometimes his silence.
Didn’t let me say anything.

Neither am I with you.
Neither am I with you.
Just for a few days.
I am just sad.

I made it a habit for myself.
To cause trouble.
So that when someone gives him trouble
So there shouldn’t be much trouble.

We stopped chasing people.
With whom I loved so much.
He considered himself equally fallen.

People say sadness is bad.
Whenever he comes, he makes me cry and goes away.
We say that suffering is good.
Whenever he comes,
Our loved ones get to know us.

Sad Shayari For Love in English

We have both been deceived.
I thought you were different from others.
And you treated me like everyone else.

Today he has given another pain.
So I remembered.
I am the one in my prayers.
He had asked for all his sorrows.

One is the one who talks as per his wish.
And we are the ones who are theirs.
Let’s wait for the will.

Sometimes from our people.
Get such pain.
Tears pass by.
But don’t cry.

Breathing reminds me of you.
If you don’t breathe, you will die.
How can I say that I am alive with this breath?
This breath also comes only after remembering you.

Life just gets cut short.
Just this one lifetime.
It will be sad that we cannot find him.

I spent the night crying in sorrow over your departure.
Why did you betray me?
Life now seems incomplete without you.
Why did you leave me alone?

I am sad but not angry with you.
I am in your heart, but not with you.
If I lie, I have everything.
And, to be honest, of your memories.
Nothing else.

Loving them is my weakness.
It is my helplessness to not be able to tell them.
Why don’t they understand my silence?
Is it necessary to express love?

Don’t you torture me like this by becoming a memory?
I am in a bad mood, crying in your memory.
Just come back to my life once.
Now I only have thoughts of you in my heart.

This is also one of the reasons for our living alone.
We have to break our relationship with liars.
Don’t feel any fear at all.

The love was such that it could not be expressed.
There was an injury to the heart, which could not be shown.
We did not want to be away from them.
But the distance was so great that we could not overcome it.

You made me lonely by leaving me alone.
Every moment of mine has become incomplete.
Why did you love me if you didn’t want to love me?
Only this body is alive now; my emotions are dead.

They gave pain and also torture.
He also gave ointment along with the wound.
I lightened my heart with words.
Made us swear never to cry.

Where did you find someone to whom you could pour your heart out?
Everyone cheated and forgot whom.
I kept the medicine for the pain in my heart.
If he had expressed it, he would have made the audience cry.

Neither Sirat is visible.
Neither face is visible.
Every person here has enough.
Your need is visible.

When we burn, everyone thinks we are lamps.
When it smelled, everyone thought it was a rose.
No one saw the pain in my words.
When he read poetry, he understood the poet.

Passing time makes us realize this.
The one we love hurts our hearts.
Time heals those wounds.
Someone close to you reawakens that pain.

He asked about my condition.
After a long time,
Something has fallen into the eye.
We cried after saying this.

When have we asked?
The stitch of your loyalties.
Just keep hurting.
Love will keep increasing.

Years have passed without crying.
There was sleep in my eyes, and I couldn’t see.
After all, how does he know the pain of love?
Who has never seen anyone lose?

God forbid, no one becomes a victim of love.
There should be no love apart from yours.
I can live my life without him.
Provided he is not in love with anyone.

Now, even if we complain, to whom should we complain?
Because this pain is also mine.
And the one giving me pain is also mine.

Someone’s memory is still in my heart.
He forgot, but we still love him.
We try to be happy, though.
Even today, tears are flowing alone.

Alone Sad Shayari

When we remember, we get a little lost.
When tears come to our eyes, we cry.
There is no sleep in my eyes.
But I go to sleep thinking that you will come in my dreams.

Somewhere, this will also happen someday.
Our condition would have been yours.
I spent this night in agony.
I wish you had also spent this night.

We have lost so much that we are unable to get it back.
We fell in love but did not know how to express it.
You came into my heart at first sight.
We are the only ones who couldn’t bear to be in your heart!!

Despite being close to my heart, you are still far away!!
My heart is so helpless because of you!!
I am in very bad condition without you!!
This heart is now shattered like a stone!!

Someone’s memory is still in my heart.
He forgot, but we still love him.
We try to be happy, though.
Even today, tears are flowing alone.

Sometimes you must be lost in memories.
You, too, must have cried with your eyes open sometimes.
I agree that we have a habit of hiding our sorrows.
But sometimes you, too, may have cried while laughing.

You never know how to forget your loved ones.
I don’t know how to hurt anyone’s heart.
I have learned to suffer in the memory of others.
I don’t remember tormenting anyone in my memories.

Every moment is filled with sadness.
Something is missing in my happiness.
We did not care about love or respect.
Now, even though respect has been gained, love has also decreased.

We may have hurt you unknowingly.
But you forgot us at the behest of the world.
We were alone in this world anyway.
So what? You made us realize this.

A pain has been hidden in my heart for years.
Why don’t I say it today at this gathering?
Whom he considered his companion.
That’s where it finally became a thorn in my side.

I will decorate your happiness with my eyelids.
I have nothing to give.
But for your happiness, we will even go to God.

She finds solace even in my silence.
This world is very cunning and finds excuses.
Reality is adamantly shattered.
But this eye again finds a pleasant dream.

Breathing stops, but life does not die.
It hurts, but there is no sound.
There are strange people these days.
We cannot forget, and no one remembers.

Broken Heart Alone Sad Shayari in English

I asked God why he left me.
What was his compulsion?
God said it was neither your fault nor his fault.
I had written this incomplete story.

No one is visible in memories.
Just remembering is not love.
We also yearn for someone in our memories.
We just don’t express our pain.

Sadness does not look good on your face.
Tell us once and go away.
We don’t like you.

This is also the reason for the end of many relationships.
One cannot speak properly.
And one does not understand properly.

We are not in the habit of dying for everyone.
There was something like this about you.
My heart did not give me time to think about anything!!

Don’t leave your loved ones with even the slightest issue.
Because life is spent making your loved ones yours.

Hey, Naseeb, please tell me one thing.
You try every one.
Or he has enmity with me only.

O heart, why do you cry?
This is the world.
The same thing happens here.

If it is related, then it must be related to the soul.
The heart often gets filled.

I am broken by my people.
So what question should I ask now?

Why don’t you feel it?
My problem is with him.
Who used to say?
I know you very well.

Only the one who endures knows.
How deep is the pain?

You remember or forget.
You remember? Just remember this.

No one is as sick as us.
There is no cure like you.

Thought we would torment them.
I will burn them in someone else’s name.
Then I thought that by torturing them, I would suffer the pain.
Then how can we torment them?

Good are those people who come and go.
Those who leave after staying for a while make many people cry.

The eyes are tired of looking at the sky.
But that star does not fall when I see you and ask for you.

Like broken glass.
Don’t let anyone get hurt.
That’s why he stayed away from everyone.

If it were a matter of loyalty, he would never have lost.
It was a matter of luck that I could not do anything.

Some people are me.
He used to say, sir.
In reality, they were just saying things.

Of course, the more he remains silent,
He keeps his honor equally safe.

How innocent is this heart?
How can I explain that?
Whom you don’t want to lose.
He doesn’t want to be yours.

The account is not known.
I am just serving my sentence.

It feels like falling in love.
There is a punishment worse than death.
Should we complain to anyone?
When your destiny is unfaithful.

Love Shayari in English

I cried from the heart but smiled from the lips.
Just like that, we remained loyal to someone.
He could not give us a moment of love.
And we sacrificed our lives for them.

I have no complaint against you.
Maybe your desire is not in my destiny.
Even God turned away after writing my fate.
When I asked, he said this was not my handwriting.

Whenever we pass through their street,
My eyes take a knock.
It is not sad that they closed the door.
Their happiness is that they recognize me.

He gave unmatched punishment for love.
He developed a habit of being sad.
I wanted to make her mine.
He avoided the topic during the conversation.

When do you have time for strangers?
When will we be free from our sorrow?
Well, that’s enough meeting.
Neither you are empty nor we are empty.

Don’t open that old book of mine, friend.
Every person has hurt my heart.
On which I had faith.

Every moment, I feel very sad because of some strange thing.
People of my own choice have insulted me the most.

People say that life does not stop with the departure of one person.
But they never think that even if thousands come.
The absence of that one can never be fulfilled.

Someone had rightly told us that on walking passersby.
Never trust anything that gives you comfort.
That becomes the biggest reason for your pain.

Often, those relationships break up.
Someone tries to handle them.

I have seen people moving away from me.
Who trusted?
I have seen him stealing glances.
Why don’t I think about myself now?
I have seen myself crying alone, even among my people.

After making us patient, O Ishq left us at that turn.
Sometimes he used to say that he would support you throughout his life.
Then, in a moment, he broke my heart.

Our beautiful relationship ended like this.
He kept ignoring us, and we kept moving away from him.

When you couldn’t understand my words,
So what do you understand by silence now?

English Sad Shayari

Where was your love? You were just used to us.
If there was love, we would have been separated, even for a moment.
Doesn’t let you live peacefully.
Leaving us is a long way off.

Today, God again asked us why our smiling faces are sad.
Why is there thirst in your eyes when they have no time for you?
Now, how can I tell God why he is special to you?
My life rests in his life only.

Don’t get angry with the game of fate, and never get sad in life.
Don’t believe the lines on your hands.
My friend, because those who have no hands also have fate.

We have cried a lot all night alone, but now we are always happy.
We know that there is no one to convince us now.
In our world. She kept playing with my heart with all her heart.
And we kept bearing all the oppression with our heads bowed.

We trusted him more than ourselves when he broke our trust.
Then we came to know that, no matter how much you love someone,
One day, it will make you feel like a stranger.

The happiness of the family members also has to be seen.
Sir, otherwise, who would cry alone for the sake of love?

Agreed, time is ticking.
But I am also learning a lot.

That’s why I have reduced talking to people.
Because I have heard bad things about life from my people.
They are so busy that even a dog barks and barks.
Has gone after giving advice.

There was something incomplete that was not completed.
Even though someone is mine, he is not mine.

People who care often cry.
Calling them our own they make us strangers.
No matter how much loyalty you show.
He would have left me saying don’t leave me.

To leave someone in love.
is very easy.
Even if you want to leave someone,
You will know what is meant by love.

Had it been destroyed, it would have been done in some other way.
By becoming life, you snatched life from life.

My words hurt a lot.
You see my silence.
The day will make you cry.

Do everything; say good or bad.
Slap, but remember.
Don’t support anyone by bringing him to a crossroads.
Forget it; a person dies while still living.

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1. What is sadness?

Depression is a condition in which a person feels that his or her life is experiencing failure, loneliness, or stress.

2. What are the causes of sadness?

The causes of sadness can vary, such as failure, adversity, or a lack of meaningful purpose in a person’s life.

3. What are the ways to get out of sadness?

To get out of depression, one must find one’s goals, maintain morale, and seek the help of compassionate friendships.

4. How do you recognize that a person is sad?

A person’s behavior, personality changes, or thoughts can indicate whether they are depressed.

5. Is sadness a common mental health problem?

Yes, depression is a common mental health problem, and it requires empathy and support to overcome it.

6. Can yoga and meditation help with depression?

Yes, yoga and meditation can help deal with depression, as they reduce stress and provide mental peace.

7. What is the relationship between sadness and physical health?

Sadness can affect physical and mental health, and it is important to take care of exercise and the right diet to overcome this.

8. Can sadness be transformed?

Yes, sadness can change if the person makes changes in his life, sets new goals, or follows the right suggestions.

9. How can one be helped to come out of sadness?

Being empathetic, listening, forgiving, and supportive can help a person move out of sadness.

10. What is the treatment for sadness?

The treatment of depression depends on the individual situation of the person. However, depression can be treated by applying empathy, behavioral therapy, and mental health advice.

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